Redline own and operate an extensive fleet of specialized plant and equipment that can be mobilised to effectively undertake a range of civil, earthworks and pipeline projects. Redline is continually upgrading its primary plant and equipment incorporating state-of-the-art technology, to better service projects and its customers alike.

Redline has a significant fleet of earthworks and pipeline specific machinery.

More specialised equipment includes:


    • Tesmec M5 Chain Trencher

This trencher is designed to plough through hard ground conditions, pulverising rocks while discharging fine material to the side of thetrench. This material can then be used as backfill once the pipe has been laid. The M5 creates a neat trench with straight sides and a flat bottom. Coupled with a laser this ensures the trench is cut to grade, assisting greatly in the laying of pipes.


    • HDPE Fusion Equipment

Redline Group has an extensive range of McElroy HDPE fusion machines with varying welding capabilities (between 50 mm and 2000 mm diameters). Redline’s fusion technicians are experienced in a variety of HDPE installation methods.


    • Vaculift for Safe Handling

On recent projects, Redline Group has been using the Vaculift attachment, enabling for the safe unloading of steel and polyethylene pipe. This attachment eliminates the need for working staff to climb onto pipe loads in order to place slings or hooks. This allows for safe work practice.


    • Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator HB335LC-1

hybrid excavatorThe Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator has been specifically designed to reduce environmental impact without compromising performance. The HB335LC-1 features the same Komatsu-designed Ultra Capacitor-based slew-energy regeneration system as on Komatsu’s proven 20-tonne class HB205-1 and HB215LC-1 Hybrid excavators. Basically the slew drive is through an electric motor rather than the conventional hydraulic drive and therefore there are major benefits to fuel consumption, power, and operator comfort.

The Komatsu Hybrid electrical system consists of three main components:
1. An electric generator motor
2. An electric swing motor generator
3. A Komatsu-designed Ultra Capacitor with inverter.


The machine uses the latest technology and is a great step toward more environmentally friendly equipment.