Safety and Environment


safe_at_heart_final_full_sizeSafe@Heart is the umbrella health and safety program under which Redline’s safety system flourishes. The group has adopted a no-fuss and practical approach to ensuring effective safety outcomes in all work undertaken.

Redline’s safety success comes from a genuine commitment to safety at all levels of the organisation. This is achieved by using first class plant and equipment and through the actions of the team members who are genuinely and independently risk aware of the environment in which they work.


From the point of tendering a project through to handover, the Redline team members are constantly assessing and analysing the hazards and risk associated with the project. The Group’s thoughts are not limited to the team members and their safety but also to those impacted by the project at the time of construction and to those using and maintaining the asset into the future.


In Redline’s experience many great safety solutions and improvements come from those performing the work. With this in mind, they take great steps to consult with their team and utilise their experience and knowledge to assist in the delivery of safe projects.



The environment and the role Redline plays within it is something the Group takes very seriously.


From a construction standpoint Redline is committed to not only minimising impacts on the local ecosystems in which it undertakes projects, but to also improve areas of the environment wherever possible. By example the team takes great pride in their ability to reinstate pipeline projects during and post construction, demonstrated by works delivered on steep terrain with challenging access. Having operated successfully in numerous environmentally sensitive and significant areas in all states of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea Redline has gained valuable experience they are able to carry forward into new projects for best results of all stakeholders.