Sino Iron Ore Project (Cape Preston WA) – Iron Ore Magnetite Mine Construction, Citic Pacific Mining.

Change details to “Redline Group performed work on the Sino Iron Ore Project between 2009 and 2014 including an array of civil construction and engineering including:

  • mobilisation and deployment of significant resources to a remote location , including 200+ items of major plant and 400+ personnel , largely on a 28/9 FIFO roster;
  • pipeline construction including continuously welded carbon steel 30” – 48” , HDPE 50mm – 900mm , GRP 100mm – 1600mm, PVC 100mm – 450mm , RC 200mm – 1200mm;
  • HV electrical cable and pit installation – 11 kv 11kv underground services – multiple conduits , transformer pads and earth grids;
  • communication and optic fibre cable installation;
  • crushing rock insitu – 6mm to 100mm grading and screening of bulk quarry materials (for onsite application);
  • transport, placement and compaction of crushed rock which can be used for forming roads, compacted hardstands and backfill;
  • Installation of large diameter rock armouring ( nominal 500mm – 1000mm size ) of breakwater for port facility;
  • pump station construction – raw water and sewer;
  • detailed earthwork and major service installations at the desalination plant;
  • detailed earthwork of HDPE lined earthen retention dams;
  • environmental and remedial site restoration; and
  • comprehensive testing and commissioning.

When Redline Group first commenced work in Cape Preston, this project was essentially a green-fields site in its infancy. Redline has since been involved in numerous disciplines of the mine’s construction to the point of seeing the mine fully commissioned and operational in 2013.

Redline provided extensive experience and a multitude of services in the development and implementation of this globally recognized mine.

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